About Us

BattleBornFC is a Community, bound together by love for a game that is more than soccer. Our sport thrives because there is Culture, a passion that reaches deep into the souls of every family, of every player, of every fan and spectator.  It starts with an idea, then infrastructure, then grows into a PATHWAY, a system for players, families, and coaches to share opportunity woven into the fabric of the Club.  

Facilities: Culture forms though a gathering place, a Home that leads to traditions. The spark is a pitch, then a clubhouse, and ultimately a place to be.  BattleBornFC organizes these amenities from the ground up.

Network. A professional and development Club 

  • Northern Nevada’s top Team

  • Twice UPSL Division Champions

  • Undefeated NISA Nation Pacific Region

  • Nevada’s only team in the US Open Cup, 4th Round

  • Strongest pathway develop youth for college & pro

Results: Athletes at Olympic Development Program, Pro & Youth Contracts Europe, Central America, & University Scholarships.

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