Battle Born Futbol Club



Sponsors make BattleBornFC possible.  Local Team, Local Athletes, Local Coaches, Local Businesses... with a GLOBAL Passion!!  BattleBorn stives for excellence! 

Sponsorships are customized for partner's budgets, marketing, & advertising objectives.  Together, we win!

Please contact the Team directly at the following email (subject: Sponsor):

Your support will include an exclusive reservation within our future Sport Facility.  Details can be found here.

BattleBornFC will fight on the pitch and fight for you within our community.  Your contribution keeps alive our dream to play futbol, be creative, be successful and contribute to our community, kids, and families.  We appreciate your support and we will make you proud... BattleBorn proud!

Sponsor Features and Examples:

  1. Logo Game Jersey)
    1. Game Jersey will be available in the Team Store
  2. Team Tent 
  3. Logo Field Banners (Encircle field)
  4. Logo Field Flags (Entrance field)
  5. Logo Media & Callouts
    1. Newspaper, Web Site Partner Page, & Social Media
    2. Game Public Announcement(s)
  6. Logo & Press Release (Weekly during seasons, Monthly off season)
  7. Player of the Match Sponsor: Media & Press Release
  8. Promotional Item(s): During Game / Game Result
  9. Reservation for Naming Rights at Sport Tourism Facility. 
    1. Ex VIP Roof Top Observation Deck
  10. VIP Seating Home Games
  11. VIP Events & Team Socials
    1. Parties, Events, Pre-Post Game Celebrations
  12. Logo Training Jersey
    1. Training Jersey will be available in the Team Store
  13. Logo Game Schedule & Program
  14. Logo All Print Media
  15. Vendor Tents (Home Games)
  16. Streaming Away Games (or video reply)
  17. Direct Email: Fan Club

Title Sponsor  (1st Infantry)

Limited to 3 Sponsors
Estimate budget $8k

Team Sponsor (2nd Infantry)

Limited to 10 Sponsors
Estimate budget $4k

Sport Sponsor (3rd Infantry)

Unlimited Sponsors
Estimate budget $1k